Types of Home Security Systems

As a homeowner, it is up to you to do everything you can to boost your home's security in order to protect your belongings as well as your family. Most burglars do a lot of research into their target's home security system and the weaker it is, the more confident they feel about carrying out their evil plans against you. Luckily, there are many different types of home security systems that can prevent burglars and other external threats from accessing your home. Whether you want to install a new home security system or you want to upgrade the one you have, these are different types of home security systems you should consider:

1. Local alarms

This is the oldest and most basic type of home security system you can get. It includes an alarm and number of individual sensors that are placed on doors, windows and other entry points. The system uses an electric circuit that flows between the sensors placed at different entry points. When the alarm system is turned on, the current flows easily when windows and doors are shut. When they're opened, the circuit is disrupted which triggers the alarm.

2. Wired Alarm Systems

These are the traditional home security systems that have been in use for several decades now. This type of home security system comes with a control panel that is connected to various motion detectors and sensors through wires. The cameras in wired alarm systems are also connected to the control panel via wires.

When someone trips one of the sensors, the alarm sounds after which you can spring into action.

3. Wireless Alarm Systems

A wireless alarm system is similar to the wired systems, only that it uses wireless connection as opposed to wires. The control panel uses a wireless network to communicate with the sensors. If the sensors are tripped, they send the signal wirelessly to the control panel after which the alarm goes off.

4. Unmonitored alarm systems

This can apply to both wired and wireless alarm systems. When your security system is tripped, it sets off a loud siren in or outside your home. If you are home, you can call for help but if you are not at home, the hope is that one of your neighbors will call for help on your behalf, or that the sirens will scare away the intruders. This system is usually coupled with flashing lights to go with the sirens in order to draw as much attention to your home as possible.

5. Monitored Alarm Systems

This is, by far, the most secure home security system and also the most commonly used. It can be a wired or wireless system but it differs from the other types of security system in that it is monitored by a security company. Once sensors are triggered in your home, the security system alerts a call center immediately so that they can call the police. This system is great as you are always sure that someone is watching over your home. However, it can be expensive as you have to pay the monitoring fees.