How motion sensors keep your home safe

Motion sensors are perhaps the most important components of a home security system as they are used to detect unauthorized movement in your home. Motion sensors use one or multiple kinds of technologies to detect motion in the area where you install them. When the motion sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to the security system's control panel which sets off the alarm or alerts an alarm monitoring center so that they can send help.

Types of Motion Sensors

1. Active motion sensors

Also known as radar-based motion sensors, active motion sensors send out periodic ultrasonic sound waves which reflect back to the motion sensor. This goes on until the waves are disrupted by some sort of interference, such as an intruder walking past. This triggers the motion sensor to send a signal to the alarm system.

2. Passive motion sensors

These are the most commonly used motion sensors in home security systems and can be found in most residential homes. Passive motion detectors detect infrared energy which is given off by people or animals in form of heat. When the sensors detect a sudden uptick of infrared energy, they send a signal to the home security system to sound the alarm. Small fluctuations of infrared energy are not detected which means that the sun won't cause the sensors to go off. Also, most sensors come with a pet exclusion feature that prevents the system from detecting pets or certain animals.

Why install motion sensors?

1. They immediately detect unauthorised entry into your home

There is no way to run or hide from motion sensors. As long as you are in the room or space where the sensor is installed, you will be detected. Motion sensors can immediately detect when thieves and burglars gain entry into your home. The motion sensors then send a signal to the home security system which sounds the alarm and calls for help.

2. They buy you time

Robbers rely on the element of surprise to be able to pull off their heist. If they find you unprepared, there's little you can do other than cooperate and try to get through the ordeal without suffering from injuries or worse. With motion sensors installed strategically, you will know immediately a burglar tries to force their way into your home which gives you time to get help or hide if you are in the home.

3. They are your watchdog when you're not at home

According to research, burglars target homes where owners are not present or when they are asleep. If you are not at home, you can use motion sensors to know when someone tries to enter your home. You don't have to worry anymore about leaving your home for a few days.

4. They can be used with exterior lighting

One of the things that thieves hate is light, which is why most robberies are carried out at night. Installing exterior lighting is great, but motion-activated exterior lighting is a lot better. In this system, motion sensors are connected to your exterior lighting and the lights only come on when the sensors detect a person approaching. This serves as one of the most effective deterrents to thieves.